Hello and welcome to my website! Whimsy Milieu is a place of whimsical and happy things.

I am Jacqueline Chan, a designer-maker, born in Malaysia and now based in Orange, Australia. Before I pursued my dream of being a designer, I was an engineer, living a monotonous life until I made the big leap into the creative world (which involved going back to university for another degree!). So here I am now, the sole designer & maker behind my design studio, living my dream creating things to make people happy.

My design studio produces various things so that you can surround yourself with whimsical things that make you happy. All products in my shop are designed and made by me. You can find mostly fashion jewellery, accessories, home ware, leather items, and illustration prints.

I am inspired by many different things – ranging from old illustrations, natural curiosities, vintage wares, apothecary, Japanese crafts & design, French patisserie – anything at all that catches my attention at the moment. It is funny how sometimes even the most insignificant detail can be an inspiration.

I love to keep myself occupied with various creative endeavours, thus I am also available for commissions, freelance work, and collaborations.

For wholesale information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please feel free to drop me a line –  whimsymilieu@gmail.com