New Handpainted Necklaces

I get all excited when I put up new items in my shop – it’s the moment when my creations meet the world haha!  Here are my latest necklaces – handpainted (yes, every single one of them), with a cream-coloured acrylic backing, and hangs off a waxed cotton cord (I’m not a fan of chains…they feel so cold against the neck).  Here goes~

Cat Necklace by Whimsy Milieu

Foxtail Necklace by Whimsy Milieu

Grass Puff Necklace by Whimsy Milieu


Just click on the images to be transported to the item in my shop.  Or click here!  Or here!

Stay tuned for some new, fun cushions – they’re sort of like the necklaces above.  Hurray!~


7 thoughts on “New Handpainted Necklaces

  1. These are so cute! I love your shop! Big fan of the fox tail necklace. You do great work! Favorited your shop! You are super talented!

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