March Bits

March – what a delightful month!  I launched some new products, made a change to my lifestyle (waking up early every morning for a jog), and also engaged in many pleasurable get-togethers with friends (picnic at the park, jungle-trekking, hotpot dinners, piano sessions, exhibition opening drinks, to name a few).  Did you have an exciting month?  I’m so looking forward to April too!  Enjoy!~



Launched the ‘Bakery Print’, first in a series of new illustrations  |  Made palmier cookies  |  Launched the pretzel necklaces

Started offering custom house portraits  |  Succulents from a dear friend to add to my collection  |  A long-awaited DVD set arrived

Trekking at Wentworth Falls  |  Such a beautiful view at Wentworth Falls  |  Tried out printmaking with the bakery illustration

Packed many orders  |  A favourite recent illustration  |  Painted lots of pretzel necklaces


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