Heymun’s Showcase in NYC

I still remember meeting Heymun for the first time – in computer class at COFA during my design studies.  Such a bubbly & friendly girl, and she talks to you like as if you’ve been friends forever.  Fast forward a few short years and Heymun is a seriously talented singer-songwriter (it was all very secretive before and I didn’t even know she sang!) who is going to play not one, but two showcases at New York City (my dream destination!!!) at the CBGB Festival.  If you haven’t heard of her, you need to listen to her songs right now – they bring such happiness to my ears & soul.  And for someone who has just returned from her home country and participating in lots of radio interviews, magazine interviews and the lot – she is still the super down-to-earth lass I know, and even shared with me many gold nuggets of advice on living life as a creative.  I had the utmost honour & pleasure to help with designing a cover poster for her showcases in NYC.  If any one of you reading this are lucky enough to be living in / visiting NYC, do go check out her showcase and the festival – I’m sure it will be a blast!  If you’re like me and not lucky enough to be in NYC, you can listen to her here!

Heymun singer-songwriter poster Whimsy Milieu


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