Granny Square Blanket Roundup

Recently I’ve had a new obsession with granny square blankets – quite a surprise for myself as I used to veer away from all domestic things during home economics classes at school, especially the cooking, sewing, and crocheting class (which, on retrospect I think was taught during art class, not home economics – but anyway, you get my point).

I’ve started crocheting quite a few granny squares and even bought some new yarn to seriously start on a blanket – we’ll see how I go.

Meanwhile, here are some granny square blankets that caught my eye from the trillions I found on the web.  Enjoy!


1st row – 1  |  2  

2nd row – 1  |  2

3rd row – 1  |  2 

Which is your favourite?  Mine has got to be Sandra Juto’s – it’s the one that ignited my obsession.  😉


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