Ladies & Gentlemen

I first came across Ladies & Gentlemen Studio a little while ago – but with all interesting websites I found, I bookmarked it, promised myself to return and check out all their works…and ended up forgetting to do so.  So I was very happy when they popped up again on my radar with their amazing ‘Mirage Series’.  This time, I took the time to go through their works and was so amazed by the elegance yet playfulness of their designs, combined with clever use of materials.  The scope of their works is also as amazing – ranging from jewelry to home ware to furniture and more (much like what I’m trying to achieve with my own works…hurry up, Jac!).

Here are my favourites:

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Perimeter Tray  |  Homestead Candlesticks  |  Aura Lights  |  Maru Hand Mirror  |  Mirage Shelving  |  Cane & Able



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