August Bits

My oh my, and that was August.  It seems like only yesterday that I posted the July Bits!  Ok, I got to stop whining and keep on moving.

It’s funny that we’re always telling ourselves to do more at a quicker pace and then complain that we do not have enough time and how time flies.  However, if you just choose to stop for a while and enjoy time, it will pass by a bit slower, just for you to cherish it.  Try it one weekend – or, it does not have to be a weekend – you get to choose when you want to stop and smell the flowers.  Have a happy September ahead!

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Whimsy Milieu August Bits

Made a long cushion with some fabric which I hand-painted with raindrops.

Enjoyed a very beautiful weekend in Orange – warm weather, I welcome you!

Transferred my tiny succulent to a bigger glass container – it has grown bigger since!

How enjoyable a simple snack can be.

Released my 2014 calendar.

Baked a gluten-free adzuki brownie – woohoo!

Revamped an old lampshade I thrifted at the local co-op store.

My sleepyhead dog in bed.

My sleepyhead cat in bed.

A beautiful Saturday spent visiting the open showrooms at Sydney Indesign.

Lino-printed some moustache cards.

Experimented & came up with some new bracelets!

How was your August?


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