Weekend Lampshade Project

Last year, I came across a rather beautifully-shaped lampshade at an op-shop and it came home with me.  Since then, it has been sitting under my studio desk, gathering dust.  It was quite a sore sight really, so I decided to work on it the past weekend.  This ‘project’ has been delayed since I ripped out its former skin a few weeks ago, so I’m really happy that I finally finished it.  I wanted to give it an ‘industrial’ look as I was very much inspired by the industrial wire cage lights that are almost everywhere and I love but could not afford.  However, with the un-industrial shape of the lampshade I have, I decided to give it a more rustic look with twine and brighten it up with some fluoro cord from the hardware store.  So, here it is!  I’m wishing I could hang it in our living room but would certainly need to get an electrician to deal with the wiring.  And also that means we need to shop for a pretty light globe.  So for now it’ll just hang from a hook as decoration.  🙂



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