July Bits

It’s August, and it feels awfully close to the end of the year.  Bright side is, winter seems to be moving away slowly – can’t wait for warmer weather!  Here’re snippets of my July.





Enjoying my favourite magazines  |  Made baked eggs  |  Started on a new project (to be released soon!)  |  Found some daffodils growing outside my door!  |  Started on The Date Project – daily illustrations of the day’s date  |  Started ‘Daily Doings’ – making little things on a (hopefully) daily basis  |  Made a block-printed simple linen top  |  Lovely afternoon tea with some new creative friends  |  Got in the mood to make pretty lunches  |  Had a great time at the Harvest screenprinting workshop at Koskela  |  Amazing sourdough pancakes with lemon curd at KitchenByMike  |  Cured some lemons


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