June Bits

It seems like at every start of the month I lament how fast time seems to fly by – this time it’s even more devastating because half of 2013 has flew by just like that!  That is why I like doing these monthly ‘bits’ post, as I can reflect on the things I did and the happenings within my life, and tell myself ‘good job, you’ve achieved quite a bit’ or ‘stop lazying around!  do more!’   Haha!  Here goes~  my June bits!

june instagram bits

My stall at the FindersKeepers markets  |  New ‘houses’ print scarf  |  New ‘house’ brooch  |  New ‘antlers’ print scarf  |  Brunch with a dear friend  |  Vivid Sydney  |  Made baked eggs  |  Making use of my typewriter to type ‘thank you’ notes  |  Experimenting with block printing  |  Hanging out with my cute dog  |  First time ever skiing  |  First completed knitting project


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