Printable Placemats

I’ve always wanted to design paper goods but find it a hassle and financially unviable to have them printed (it’s a fortune to print on really nice stock) and kept in my studio (if they don’t sell!).  Thus, I’ve thought about designing printables as a start.  What are printables?  I’m sure a lot of you know, but they are digital files that are sold online (sometimes free, like my snowy mountains template), so that you can download them and print them out yourselves.  This is great for last minute projects/events, and I feel that it’s quite (even in the slightest sense) sustainable/environmentally-friendly, as it’s only printed out when the user needs it (instead of me printing them by the lot and going to waste if they’re not sold).  Ok, enough of the blabbering.  Here’s what I did – I opened another Etsy store (so as to separate it from my other products) especially for printables I’ve designed.  So far, I’ve designed a few printable placemats – I think it’s quite fun when you have guests over for dinner as it can be a conversation starter, you can let guests know where they should sit, and also guests can scribble on it or drop their food on it and it doesn’t matter.  Do have a look and let me know if you like them.  I plan to come up with more printables besides placemats, so stay tuned!












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