May Bits

My goodness!  How did May fly by so fast?!  And now we’re into the second half of the year already!  May was a really fun month for me – there was my Melbourne trip, my birthday (although it wasn’t very fun, haha), working hard in preparation for the Finders Keepers markets, and the first night of the market itself.  I think it all triggered something inside me to work even more and to be even more productive – let’s hope I can continue on with this productive-ness and not fall into procrastination mode again!  😀

Here are some snippets of my May instagrams…enjoy!


Colourful cacti in Melbourne  |  Amazing sunset at St. Kilda  |  Super tall tree at Hawthorn  |  I love Melbourne coffee!  |  Burch & Purchese’s amazingly delicious cakes in bed  |  Me & my sidekick in Melbourne  |  Decadent breakfast  |  Fluffy clouds  |  Oh Mamasita, how delicious!  |  Birthday cupcakes by my dearest friend  |  Lovely present from another dear friend  |  Staining mini-chests for the markets


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