April Bits

It feels like March but it’s May already!  Oh, time, can you please slow down & smell the flowers!

Here are some snippets from my daily life in April!


Filling up stock to prepare for FindersKeepers Syd AW13  |  Working on more leather items  |  Made caprese salad for the first time  |  Tasted my favourite sourdough from BourkeStBakery once again  |  Played a lot of tennis  |  Enjoyed the beautiful autumn trees  |  Had the best chicken sandwich in a long time  |  Enjoyed a long weekend with dear friends  |  Made cocktails again, after a long time  |  Worked on new prints  |  My prints on fabrics finally arrived  |  Colourful mushrooms print!

Any guesses what will the fabrics be made into?  😀

I’m so excited because I’ll be having a one-week trip to Melbourne this Sunday with a friend who’s visiting Australia.  I’ve got a longgggg list of places that I want to visit and I can’t wait to try alllll the cafes I’ve got on my list!  This will be my first proper trip to Melbourne – first time I went was during Easter and everything was closed.  Second time there I was on ‘business’ (haha) and didn’t have much time.  Yeay I’m so excited I’m gonna go pack now!


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