Accessories of the Day

In about three weeks or so, it will be a year since I launched my first collection, Outré Forest Treasures.  Within a year, I have produced a few collections, which I’m really happy and proud of, but I know I can do better (and hopefully I do that in the next collection!)  So, I decided to play around with the different collections I have and create some ‘Accessories of the Day’, kind of like the ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts in all those fashion blogs and Instagrams.  #aotd instead of #ootd! hehehhe!  Here’s the first (of many!)


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I was just tweaking around and making some changes to my website when I realised that I did not even show you the full range of my Silhouette Rings which I released a couple of months ago!  Here they are – made of bamboo, hand-painted, with the back part painted black, because it is a silhouette ring! Haha!



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