New Curtains!

When we moved into our place early last year, I vowed to change all the curtains (left behind by the previous tenant) –  they were all so drab-ish and not in decent condition.  However, after painting the walls, I decided to take a break from ‘making over’ the house,…and the break sort of lasted until this year.  Hahah!

First curtain to be changed is the one in the bedroom.  I used a striped fabric I bought from Ikea last year (meant for making new curtains; thus it has been sitting in the closet for a year!)  and made a window-length (previous curtain was floor length, making it look very heavy and slouchy) curtain with really simple tab-heading.  My sewing was really bad on the tabs as I was impatient and rushed through at the end, but it’s wayyy above my eye-level after being hung, so it doesn’t matter so much hehe.

It’s kind of my first time ever giving a room a makeover, even if so slightly, hence my pleasant surprise at the apparent effect it had on the room!  I’m so excited that I’m going to share the before and after pics of the window of my bedroom!



Both photos were taken with my iPhone (and not much editing was done after on PS) – how different do they look!  I’m quite proud of my new curtain, even though it does look a little dodgy, hahahah.


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