January Bits

For this year, I’d like to add something new to my blog – to compile bits of things I did/experienced every month – by pinching some pics from my instagram, hahah.  So, here’s January’s!  Enjoy~


Glad to see my cat & dog after a month away on a trip, albeit my cat all lazed-out by the summer heat    |    Taking my dog out for a walk is such a pleasure    |    Receiving new year goodies:  calendar that I illustrated for FindersKeepers    |    Making banana-blueberry smoothie.yum!    |    Finding a beautiful pinecone during a really wonderful walk during a breezy Sunday    |    Testing my newly-acquired leather-crafting skills by making a coin pouch and a flat long wallet    |    Starting to illustrate again:  subject:  my dog    |    Trying out my new instaxmini.  on my dog. again.  haha, who else!    ♥    


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