Fashion I Like

With my year-end trip to Hong Kong coming up, I’ve been thinking what clothes to pack.  It’s kinda fun to pack for an opposite season (although it’s quite chilly here today in Orange), although I’m planning to leave lots of empty space in my suitcase for what I like to call my ‘harvest’ in Hong Kong!  What/where do you go to/consult when planning outfits for a trip away?  I go to street-fashion-photography blogs, fashion mags (not those mainstream glossy ones, mind you) and sometimes Pinterest hahah.  Speaking of Pinterest, here are some of my favourite fashion pins from my ‘Fashion I Like’ board (judging from the lacking amount of pins, I need to do more pinning work!)

*click on images to be re-directed to pins*

198510296046326321_aSb6Q3zB_c 96053404523870239_oQ5X8DXg_c 101119954102791852_jlHoa5tK_c


29062360064892699_kzOjgzIo_c 162551867771300475_WAMzr9yR_c 100486635407090863_YX5UhLgo_c






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