I Am Back!

Hello!  I have been back for a little while but have been swamped with things to do.  Here are some updates:

Remember in my previous post that I went for an interview?  It was in a local newspaper (in my hometown), and you can read it here.  🙂

I also participated in an art + design market in my hometown and met some awesome people (who were amazing because they went home and ‘liked’ my Facebook page!).  And also thanks so much to all those who came by and showed some love.  😉

I have designed some new wooden rings, and I can’t wait til they get back from the lasercutter so that I could paint them and show them to you!

Ooh!  And we’re 2 months away from Christmas!  How quick has this year flown by?  I’m hoping the Christmas cards I sent to the printer will turn out right so that they can make an appearance at my next market.

Talking about markets, I have two major markets lined up end of this year!  First up, is the Young Blood Designers Market at the Powerhouse Museum from the 9th – 11th November (10am – 5pm).  Next, is Sydney’s FindersKeepers Market at CarriageWorks on the evening of 8th December and 9th December (10am – 5pm).  I’m so so excited, and I know I’ll be super-swamped with preparation for the markets, but I’m loving it!

I’m also working on some new illustrations and a 2013 calendar (it is no ordinary calendar, which I hope people will like!).  Exciting times!

Leaving you with some images of some little medal brooches I made a while ago.












These brooches are all one-offs and are now available on my Etsy store here.

Check out some new cards too while you’re there!  😀


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