Wonderful Tassel Garland Experience

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to join The School‘s tassel garland class (after luckily winning their FB competition), taught by the very talented Tamara Maynes, and hosted by the amazing Megan Morton.  It was my first time meeting Megan and Tamara in the flesh, thus I was star struck (who wouldn’t be – they are such superstars in the design & styling world!), but they were so lovely and nice!  Ooh, and Emma Elizabeth was there too!

It was an amazing atmosphere – we had drinks, cakes & snacks served to us while we worked on our tassel garlands in the bright & airy studio, with lovely music to set the crafting mood.  Good times really fly by fast, and in no time at all everyone has finished their gorgeous tassel garlands and it was time to say good bye.  One thing for sure – I’ll be back to The School for more!  It is such a fantastic place to learn new skills and meet lovely people!


Very cute ‘love’ sugar cubes offered to us by Megan.  ❤




My finished product.  🙂




I shamelessly requested for a photo with Megan & Tamara.  😉




My tassel garland hanging proudly against the grey brick wall at home.




Oh look!  See whose colours match the tassel garland!  Haha!  😀


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