Diamond Cushion DIY Tutorial

I had an idea to make a diamond-shaped cushion many many months ago, but only had the time to make one a few weeks ago.  Today, I’m going to share the step-by-step process of how I made the diamond cushion.  Enjoy!  🙂

What you will need:

A4 paper (or A3 if you want a bigger cushion)

3 different fabrics – 2 contrasting prints (for the diamond), and 1 one-colour fabric for the rest of the cushion

And, of course – stuffing for the cushion.

Draw your desired diamond shape onto the piece of paper.  I would suggest the fewer facets the better for a start.  Mark the different facets so that you remember where they go and which fabric they will use.  Draw also the template for the overall cushion shape (you will need to cut out 2 of these on the one-colour fabric).

Cut out the facets of your diamond template.  Remember to mark them!

Trace the templates onto the corresponding fabrics – and leave a seam allowance of approximately 1cm.

Cut out the pieces, with seam allowances.

Piece the facets together (right sides of fabrics face-to-face) and sew them together on one edge.  And remember to iron the seam flat after every edge is sewn.  Sometimes I forget to do this and end up with wonky and ugly results.  Ugh.

Piece all the faceted pieces one by one.  Make sure you pieced the correct edges together before sewing.

Iron the whole diamond flat after all the facets have been pieced together.

And the front as well.

Fold the edges of the diamond in (iron it as you go along), and pin the diamond onto the centre of the one-colour fabric.  Iron the whole thing again.

Sew all along the sides of the diamond, really close to the edges.

Now, put the two pieces of one-colour fabric with their right sides face-to-face, and pin the seams together.

Sew along the edges, BUT remember to leave an opening on one of the shorter edges.

Turn the cushion inside-out.

And give it a good iron so that it is really flat.

Sew along the edges of the cushion, as close as you can to the edges.

Remember to leave the opening for the stuffing!

Now comes the really fun part – stuff your cushion!  Stuff it until it is all fat & cuddly.

When you’re satisfied with its fatness, fold in the seams and sew up the opening like how the rest of the edges were sewn earlier on.

TADA!!!  You’ve got a diamond-shaped cushion!

Let me know how you went with your diamond cushions, and maybe even share some photos of it when you’re done!  Hurray!  😀


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