The ‘Prix’ Collection

The day is finally here – I am releasing my 2nd collection today, entitled the ‘Prix’ collection!  Just before the Olympics wraps up this weekend, because as I’ve mentioned before, this collection is inspired by medals, awards, and rosettes.


The ‘Prix’ collection is inspired by medals, awards, and rosettes. Everyone gets to win an award for their awesomeness. Which medal are you?

All the amazing Olympians have bagged their medals. Now is your turn to get your medals for being the awesome people that you are – or give one to someone who you think is amazing and deserves a medal.

With this collection, I hope that it will remind the wearer how awesome they are as an individual, and thus deserves an award for being such a great person.”

There are 8 different necklaces in this collection, and each has names such as Sweet Success, Fabulous Champion, Wild Jubilation, Whimsical Glory, Amazingly Awesome, Marvelous Victory, Wondrous Triumph, and Intense Euphoria.  All to make you feel good and confident in yourself, because you deserve a medal!  😀





*Sweet Success*









*Fabulous Champion*










*Wild Jubilation*











*Whimsical Glory*











*Amazingly Awesome*











*Marvelous Victory*










*Wondrous Triumph*










*Intense Euphoria*


These medals necklaces will be for sale this Sunday at the Kirribilli Markets – we are at stall M4 on The Green.  See you there!  😀

If you can’t make it, and do not shop online, do not fret…Whimsy Milieu is having a pop-up at the Gaffa Gallery (Arcade 3) on the 6th September (Thursday, same day as Vogue’s Fashion Night Out), from 10:00am to 8:00pm.  Come and say Hi to me, (buy some jewellery), and we can chat about my jewellery & objects & everything else under the sun.  😀












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