9,5° Chair

Looking through my blog, I realised that I have been posting too much about my own jewellery and other pretty and crafty things.  So, I’ve decided that from time to time I’ll post about some interesting, clever, and meaningful designs that I stumble upon on the internet or in real life, especially furniture, lighting and homeware, which are actually what I want to be designing ultimately.  Today’s design that captured my eye is the 9,5° Chair by Danish designer Rasmus B. Fex, which I found via chairwhore.

*image from Dezeen*

What makes this chair call out to me is its ‘wonky’ appearance – it looks like as if it has the capability to move about in your dining room or living room or whichever room you decide to put it in.  I like designs like that – designs that look familiar but different in a playful way (and looks like it’s gonna fall or collapse) and yet is functional.  Take this chair for instance – its legs are tilted 9,5°, giving it its very bizarre wonky look, but still retains its stability (in fact, even stronger!) and omitted the need for a stabilising rods underneath the chair (which most chairs need to have).

The process that the designer went through is very interesting and in my opinion, quite a useful method to come up with really innovative designs.

According to the designer:

“The process is divided into five acts.

Act 1:    Choose an archetype, which fills a specific function.
Act 2:    Make 10 copies of the archetype.
Act 3:    Remove the object’s function in ten different ways.
Act 4:    Add the old function to all the objects from ACT 3.
Act 5:    Choose one object from Act 4 and make it into a finished product.”

Isn’t that brilliant?  🙂


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