One-Off Piece #3

I think I’ve been quite productive these few days making my one-off pieces.  Yesterday, some of my long-awaited materials arrived, so now I could really get on to making a few batches of my upcoming collection (which, I hope to release sometime next week!  woohoo!)  I’m crossing my fingers & toes over and over again, hoping that this collection would be much more successful than the previous one.  I know that it’s a fact that new businesses will take time to produce satisfactory results, but sometimes I just get so depressed thinking about all the effort & expenses that goes into it but only getting minimal responses or silence.  And the fact that I have no close friends & family near me makes it a lot harder.  Ok, I should not be ranting.

Here’s the 3rd one-off piece.  The 4th one might be a while away; at least after the upcoming collection has been released.  🙂








Get it here – there is only one.   🙂


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