One-Off Piece #1

The Olympics is here already and yet I have not launched my new collection, which is inspired by medals!  Blame it on my distance from everything convenient.  😦


After getting tired of waiting for materials & supplies to arrive on my doorstep, I had an idea – why not use the ‘waiting time’ to make one-off pieces to sell on my Etsy store?  So here it is, my first one-off piece (after a longgg time.  I used to make one-off jewelry for sale, but let’s not go there).

Come get it here – there is only one.  😀


“It is made by braiding grey, peach, and white cotton cords together. A bright light blue knotting cord is then spiraled around the braided cords, and beads (pearl, clear, yellow) are then hand-stitched onto the braided cords.”











One thought on “One-Off Piece #1

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