Have you heard of Andable?  It is a new online marketplace based in Sydney, aimed at promoting independent sellers and also at the same time helping people in need.  This is what they have to say on their ‘About’ page:

Giving a little doesn’t have to cost a lot. For every sale our shops make, 10% goes to a micro loan fund to help people in need.

The 10% has deep roots. Starting as an impoverished boy without shoes in India and continuing throughout his life, Dr. Chhotubhai Patel donated 10% of all his income to charity. This had a profound influence on Rupal Ismin, his granddaughter and co-founder of Andable. The 10% inspired Rupal to reshape our connection with buying and to help spread a new way of helping people in poverty.

Andable aims to empowers those in need that are willing and able. The cycle of poverty can end for many when given access to basic financial services like loans. The Andable community helps make this possible.

I am happy to announce that I have opened up an online shop on Andable, giving you more options to shop besides my Etsy store and Bigcartel.

Now you can shop online and help people in need at the same time!  Woohoo!


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