Whimsy Milieu at the Finders Keepers Market!

I’m very excited to announce that Whimsy Milieu will be holding its first ever stall at the Finders Keepers Market.  The Finders Keepers Market is an art and design market, dedicated to support indie and emerging designers and artists.  It is a biannual event which started in Sydney and is now also happening in both Melbourne and Brisbane.  The upcoming one in Sydney is on the 1st and 2nd June (Friday night and whole day on Saturday)…so for those of you who are in Sydney (or visiting Sydney that weekend), do come visit and drop by my stall to say ‘Hi’!  😀

Right now, I’m pushing myself to produce stock to sell at the market – it is not very easy when you are the only person in your business – handling both the business and creative sides, and also millions of other things in between – but, I love what I do and I hope my products will bring happiness, fun, and a smile to the end-users.

During the market, I will be selling the whole Outré Forest Treasures collection, a new range of wooden rings (various shapes & colours!), a limited batch of hand-painted tea towels, and prints of my illustrations (including some new ones!).

Below is the market flyer from the Finders Keepers website.



People in Sydney – do not forget, keep either 1st or 2nd June free – visit the Finders Keepers Market – you won’t regret it!   😀



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