New Year, New Place

Hi!  Wow!  It has been 9 days since I last updated this blog.  Well, there is a reason for my short hiatus – I have just moved to a new place after living out of my suitcase for more than 2 months.  After the super-tiring weekend of hauling all my stuff into a truck and out of the truck and into the new place, this week was all spent unpacking and arranging things around the house.

Finally, I can reunite with all my books, tools, and materials so that I design and make things again!  Can’t wait to start prototyping and producing my new pieces, which I hope to launch in a couple of months’ time.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken a few quick vignettes around the house with my phone.  There are still some boxes to be unpacked, some walls to paint etc but I’m just too excited to show some little bits here and there.  Enjoy!




Hmm…what shall I plant in this mini-planter?


Have a great weekend everyone!  And also, an early Happy Chinese New Year!!!



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