Binchotan Jewellery

First of all, a very happy new year to all!  I’m welcoming 2012 with wide open arms and hoping for things to look up and many exciting new things to happen!  How is everyone’s new year so far?

Today, I came across a jewellery designer-maker, Gitte Nygaard, whose works amaze me, especially her binchotan jewellery.  Binchotan is purifying white charcoal, which originates from Japan and is produced sustainably.


An extract from her website:

Binchotan contains 90% pure carbon, which is a basic and essential element for our existence, as all life depends upon the carbon cycle of the planet. The primal human need to decorate itself can be fulfilled without further exploits. A diamond that wants to stay coal, suggested Tom Waits. Skip the Diamond, that is my proposition, stick to the Coal.”


One word. Beautiful.



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