Geometric Facets

I love anything geometric – looking back at some of my projects, they were geometric in some ways and I even wrote an essay on Buckminster Fuller and his famous geodesic dome for my design history course, haha!  Anyway, I’ve been spotting quite a lot of designs with geometrical elements recently, from jewellery to architecture.  I also came across quite a few geometric necklaces at the Finders Keepers Markets last weekend – conclusion:  everyone loves geometrics!  Hehehe


The Bloomberg Pavilion in Tokyo by architect Akihisa Hirata.

A design concept for Polaroid Eyewear.



The Natural History Museum of Utah by Ennead Architects and GSBS Architects.  The geometric facets here are not too overpowering or in-your-face.  Just enough subtlety 🙂

Jewellery by LOTOCOHO.



Friends Cabinet by Mark Bendow.



Geometric faceted walls, ceilings, and even comes complete with geometric lighting!  The Red Bull’s new headquarters in Amsterdam, by Sid Lee Architecture.


Futuristic-looking, light-weight yet strong backpack from Solid Gray.



And finally, Winde Riensta’s SS2012 collection, entitled “11:11” – the ‘wooden armours’ and shoes – beautifully done.




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