Gift Guide : Cushions

These few weeks of rain and unusually cold days have made me wish I had a comfy cushion/pillow that I can hug while working in front of the computer.  So it’s only logical that today’s gift guide is all about cushions.  😀


Diamonds are expensive.  Maybe this cushion (by Yellow Heart Art) will suffice.   😉


I’ve always wanted to make one like this – obviously I’m not the only one.  This cute notepad cushion from Cookie Cutter.



Delicious-looking pastel pouffy cushions from detailF.



Nice mix of neutral colours on this cushion by Earthlab.



Who doesn’t love anything French.  This French Letter cushion from French Melody.



New York on a cushion – from Kimoley Deco.


Too cute!  Crocheted penguin pillow from Peanut Butter Dynamite.



Simple but good-looking cushion from Robin and Mould.


For those who are more in touch with their dark side – a skull cushion from Subculture Arts.



I love anything tufted – even if with just one button.  This beautiful cushion from The Illusion Factory.

Which is your favourite?


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