Gift Guide : Books

Today’s gift guide is books!  This year, I’ve been addicted to buying books.  It’s a wonderful feeling to see my shelf filling up with design + craft + creative books, but when it comes to moving house, it’s definitely on the top of the list of ‘heaviest-things-to-move’…I wish I have a magic wand that I can use to make my books small and lightweight during house-moving.  🙂

This list is actually more like my wishlist and I feel a very very strong urge to buy at least two of them – can you guess which two?  hehehhe


Lots of inspiring artisans’ (loving that word) projects featured in this book by Olivier Dupon.




Ahhhhhh! minä perhonen!!!  Such beautiful prints and textiles~  A retrospective of the past 15 years since its establishment.  I’ve had a flick through this book and the images inside are truly, truly inspiring!



Something cute for the craft-enthusiasts out there!  Very beautiful images of crafting tools and materials – best dictionary ever haha!

*All 3 images above from perimeterbooks*



These two books above have just been translated to English!  Yeay for us who adore Japanese how-to books and are Jap-illiterate!




Victionary has once again come up with a gorgeous book; this time with a focus on art direction and fashion photography, aptly entitled ‘Mastermind’.



This book has been out for a while now but is still to-desire-for nonetheless.


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