Gift Guide : Poufs

Today’s gift guide is all about pouf footstools.  That reminds me of some fabric I cut to make a pouf sometime ago – I should look for it and finish making it!


Slumber by Aleksandra Gaca.


A notebook-inspired pouf by Anne-Claire Petit.


Very cute mushroom pouf from Anthropologie.  I think it is by Anne-Claire Petit too.


From Cisco Home.


From Ferm Living.


Frank Pouffe by Donna Wilson.


Crocheted pouf-stool cover by lacasadecoto.


Pompom Pouf by Lisa Hilland.


A burlap pouf from Lovintagefinds.


Knitted poufs – various versions can be found.  This one by nanahome.




Globetrotter pouf from Urban Outfitters.  I like!


Not really a pouf, but still as cute and comfy!  From Zilalila.


I think poufs are such comfy items to be had in the house and creates a certain kind of coziness and playfulness, which adds character to a space.  Yeay to poufs!  😀


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