Gift Guide : Jewelry

Hello!  The happy-merry-gift-giving season is almost here and I just can’t resist to do a few gift guide entries.  First up, jewelry.


An origami necklace from Homako.  I’ve been in love with her jewelry since discovering her a few months ago and these few days I’ve seen her pieces appearing in several blogs.  Yeay!


Seems like braided/knitted/crocheted jewelry is a big hit right now and this one from AAliciaAccessories looks like it can keep you lucky people (in the Northern Hemisphere) warm during Christmas!  😀


If the previous wasn’t warm enough, add another one, hahha 😛

From LOLLOPdesign.


Another fabric necklace – I love the simplicity of it.  From Urban Creatures.


Beware!  Felt balls are everywhere – from rugs to necklaces.  But this colour scheme is so bright, glowy and merry that it is just very right for the holiday season.  From Feltik.



This pretty denim necklace from Nest Pretty Things.


A bright red brooch from Uloni.  This lady does amazing crocheted sculptural wearables!



Hand-painted geometric necklace from Vickygonart.


Rachel Loves Bob makes geometric necklaces out of vintage book covers!


How about some jewelry for our dear pets?

This pet tag and leash from Blink is so pretty and might be a very good present for my dog heeheheh.


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