Lights, Action!

One of my favourite projects while in uni was designing and making a light.  Even though the end result was not very satisfactory – I felt that it could have been better aesthetic- and function-wise, it was a great experience and process and I would love to design more lights in the near future.

Even the most beautiful furniture in a beautiful space would not look their best without beautiful lighting.  Here are some lovely lighting that I would like to have in my future dreamhouse.

Hanging Light by Lukas Peet.  So minimal and clever and would look great in an industrial setting.

Hah – so similar in shape and look.  I’m sure these will look great in a bunch with the ‘Hanging Light’ above.  This one is Pil by Tim Wigmore.

I’m so obsessed with cage-lights these days.  I want to buy a birdcage and fill it with hanging lightbulbs!  🙂

This is Bluff City Lights from Atelier Takagi.

Again, a cagey, geometric light.  ‘Structend Light’ by Cláudio Cigarro.

‘Loom’ by Benjamin Hubert.  Anything with stitching gets extra points from me.  😀

This one reminds me of Buddhist prayer beads.  That aside, it looks really cute and whimsical, and also I like that it is adjustable.  ‘Earl’ from llot llov.

‘Jump’ by Claude Saos.  Love the combination of materials – porcelain, maple, and lacquered stainless steel.

This one is already a few years old – I think the trend of bunched-up lights must have been inspired by this?  ‘Torch Bunch 10’ by Sylvain Willenz.


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