Being an admirer of androgynous fashion and sometimes menswear, it is hard not to love bowties, especially those made of beautiful fabrics.  Bowties have been making a comeback in recent years and it looks like they might even be here to stay.  Here are some of my favourites.  🙂

 Very cute two-print bowties from Hello in There.


Love this pastel-blue striped one from the famous Forage.


I love anything with stripes.  😛

This one from Bowtie Company.  Gotta love that stamp!


Polka dot love from Marcello Neckwear.


A girly polka-dot bowtie I bought from a trip a few years ago.


It’s the first day of November and it’s Movember time.  What does that have to do with bowties, you ask?  Well…

These are moustache brooches which double as bowties (or rather, bow-brooch), that I made and are currently stocked at Follow Store.  Do check them out ~  😀


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