Things on Tables

The previous post was about tables and desks…so I thought, why not make a post of some lovely things that you would put on tables?  Hahah

These are some really quirky and cute terrariums-on-legs by Matteo Cibic.


A very very clever set of candleholders from Finding Cheska (Arbora).


The beautiful Mormor series from Normann Copenhagen.


Exquisite and beautifully-crafted wooden vessel from the Wobble & Mushrooms series by Studio Juju.


This one is so nostalgic!  I remember an orange one from my childhood!  😀

This dose of nostalgia from here.


This has got to be my most favourite find for today – a ceramic mooncake paperweight!  It reminds me of those snow-skin mooncakes that I love so much (which I totally forgot to eat while in Hong Kong due to my gastroenteritis…boo).  I wish I had a mooncake mould so that I can make anything-mooncake with it, heheheh.


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