Lovely Tables & Desks

I was searching for tables & desks in various design websites and blogs and I realised how difficult it is to come across one that is beautiful yet functional and not being clever just for the sake of it.  There are tables/desks that make me go, “Oh, that’s very clever! It can do this / become that”… and then I thought about how it will be used in a real life context and then it will lose its ‘magic’ when I think about the inconvenience(s) that might arise.  Hope that made sense.  😛

However, I did come across quite a few tables/desks that I like very much and I realised a recurrence – they’re all wooden and quite whimsical.  yeay!  🙂


‘Two Leg Table’ by Ben Klinger.


‘Postures’ by Jeremy Guenole.


‘Plug-in’ by MAP Studio.


‘Pelutho Low Table’ by Lee Kirkbride.


Desk from the ‘Perch’ series by Pierre Favresse.


‘Rewrite’ by GamFratesi.


I am so in love with these simple yet beautiful tables from Slowwood’s MUN collection.

Our philosophy is to create timeless pieces of quality furniture with a raw natural elegance and a low impact on our planet. Honest tactile products that are made to last and fit in your home easily. Each piece is handmade with love and attention by local craftsmen in Fryslan, using solid wood, 100% natural finishes and mineral paint.

Above is an extract from Slowwood’s website.  Please, I want each and every piece in the collection.  🙂




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