Hong Kong, Here I Come!

Tomorrow this time I’ll be on the plane to Hong Kong!  But I’ll only be spending a day before flying to Msia for a couple of weeks and back to Hong Kong again end of this month.  I’ve already written down a list of shops I want to visit while in Hong Kong, and I’m afraid I might not have enough time to cram them all in!  Today, I’d like to share just a few of those shops on my list.


First up is Konzepp, a concept store + cafe, for creatives and design aficionados to meet.  Image from here.



Edit is a fashion store + cafe, opened by an accountant and architect.


Lost & Found, the “first lifestyle concept store in Hong Kong”.  It has Mr. Blacksmith and Homeless under its umbrella apparently.


The aforementioned Mr. Blacksmith – which sells products that have an industrial and historical aesthetic made with fine craftsmanship.


The R&C Design Library and Cafe – where customers can sit back, relax,  and sip coffee or tea while browsing through the abundant design books available.



Madam Sixty Ate, a restaurant with whimsical decor and a beautiful website to match.



Awfully Chocolate, a cake shop famous for its chocolate cake I suppose?


Can’t wait to savour the cakes and pastries at Antique Patisserie.  How cute is the website?




Woohoo!  Can’t wait!


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