Stalking Others’ Spaces

I must confess that I love looking at other people’s working and living spaces.  It is interesting and inspiring to see how other (esp. creative) people work and live.  Sometimes, when I pass by a nice-looking house, I wish I can be invisible and go inside to have a look.  heheheh

My dream is to have my own design studio – with plentiful sunlight and nice furniture and all my tools + materials sprawled around (& books all lying happily in some nice shelves).  So, I have to say that The Makers Project website has been a favourite of mine these few months.  It is a project by Jennifer Causey, who finds and photographs interesting makers in their workspaces, and documents the way they work and live on this beautiful website.

I’d like to share some of my favourite photos from the website (*all photos taken from the website*)

To satisfy my curiosity and need-to-be-inspired, I have a few books:

SPACES by Frankie

Some books from Bienvenue Paumes and Shufonotomosha

Some other books I should be getting would be this, and this!






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