Lately I’ve been buying many books and magazines and I wish I have enough pretty shelves to store them on.  Here are some nice shelves that I’d like to share (& some I wish I have!).

First up, some shelves I’ve actually ‘met’ in real life 😛

The Edith and Agnes (respectively) shelves, designed by Kay + Stemmer from SCP.  They look even more amazing in real life – just love the craftsmanship.

I like shelves that have different-sized compartments; so that it is not all rectangular or square boringness.  And also it kind of forces us to store our things differently (orientation, positions) on those shelves; which is a good thing.  😛

This one here is Citti from Zweed.

Shelves that have drawers and of different materials/colours is also a nice surprise.  This one here from Pinch Design.



Simple-looking (but with clever invisible joints) yet colourful shelves are also a plus, especially if they look as sweet as this one here called Woody from Hay.


When you don’t have a shelf, just stack some drawers on top of each other.  This one from Nood Design.  I’d prefer it if the colours were nicer and of better combination though.  (Just my opinion!)  😛

This is a very interesting one – I love furniture like this.  Conceptual shelf from Colin Tury.


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