Cats & Their Beds

I wonder if there has been any study/survey done to determine the percentage of designers who own cat(s)?

I interestingly discovered/noticed that a lot of designers featured in books/magazines have cats – that usually appear in the photos accompanying the article/interview of the designer.  Anybody noticed that as well?  I do know some friends, who are designers and have cats!

Well, I have a cat too!  Hahah!

Anyway, I found this really nice cat-litter-box seller on Etsy – but I thought those litter boxes could be used as catbeds/cathouses as well, because, you know, some cats love to hide.  And they look too nice to be litter boxes!



And then, I remembered some cat pods that I found on the web some time ago.

I especially like this one from PeiPod.


And there’s another one called the Hepper Pod Bed.


Finally, this one is not actually for cats I think – but by the looks of it, cats will love it.  This is designed by sovrappensiero using old office furniture.


So, cat-lovers or cat-owners, designers or non-designers, which one is your favourite?

Maybe I should design one for my cat  😛



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